A good live-action mech film is long overdue. They've existed in our imaginations since Robotech but for some reason or another a feature film hasn't happened. At least a mech movie that's committed to telling a real human story, with a wildly creative world, visionary machines set in a massive shift in the political landscape.

Skywings is an opportunity to tell an epic character's journey, beginning with the short film SKYWINGS: EXODUS, and continuing into the feature-length story that has already been written. EXODUS will give us a strong indication of where Jason comes from and the forces he'll have to overcome in the full length film.

In EXODUS, we'll follow 8-year old Jason Evans as he loses his father and is orphaned on a dystopian, alien infested Earth. And in future iterations of the Skywing's legacy, Jason grows up as a teenage "lost boy", toughened by the hardships but longing for more than his meager surroundings. He will overcome his circumstances to eventually become a decorated Skywing pilot.

We are filmmakers committed to telling a character-driven story filled with amazing visual effects and we want to bring you a studio-quality mech film. When you finally get to watch Skywings on the big screen the action sequences will feel like BLACKHAWK DOWN, the grim realness will feel like CHILDREN OF MEN, and the futuristic technology will feel like DISTRICT 9.

But even with our dedication to the visuals we are doubly dedicated to the characters. The main arc of our story will take us on an unforgettable journey through Jason's life. We will know what Jason wants and understand the fears and obstacles that keep him from what he needs to accomplish. And we'll be rooting for him every step of the way.

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